I am a centrist.

We need a new secretary.

Fifteen milliard euros must be saved over the course of the next four years.

Things have slowed down.

How does Joachim fit into this?

I don't find this amusing.


Surprise, surprise.

Urs is a better swimmer than Emma.

We must work hard to break down social barriers.

How can I feel relaxed with you watching me like that?

I don't want to shout.

Duke told me to be more careful.

It's all going to work out.

What's Kamel have to say about this?

Remember to turn off the lights.

She felled an oak.

I know Dannie likes to travel.


I was born on 18th March 1994.

I said I can't help you.

We are all doomed.

I remember it like today.

When she was three years old, her father died.


There is much more water in this lake now than in the past.

Keep an eye on the baby while I am away.

I feel sleepy when I listen to soft music.

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Let's take each day as it comes.

He also thought about the birches in the depths of the valley where, according to him, at a depth of several meters beneath the surface some moisture was hidden.

Conrad fought like a cornered rat.

She doesn't resemble her mother at all.

Ramanan has been released.

We've said our goodbyes.

She didn't tell me anything.

"Can I take photographs here?" "Only outside."

Let me know when you need me again.


It's a really bad situation.

The hole is too small. Keep digging!

She has survived three wars.

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Maybe there isn't a difference.

I don't remember exactly, but I suppose it was Friday last week.

Let's talk about this later.


Where can I get a shuttle bus at the airport?

I do a lot of worrying.

Chip was unhappy.

We strive for perfection in our products. In the rare case that there is breakage, staining or the order is incorrect, please contact us within seven days of the product's arrival.

Could you tell me your name and your number?


I have a trailer.

Large raindrops are starting to fall.

Maybe I'll leave tomorrow.

The air in here is foul.

We use miscellaneous methods such as discussion, threats and physical injury.

He got off at the next station.

I'll always remember the first time I saw you.

What would you like for lunch?

Don't you dare touch anything.


I suggest you apply for that job.

It was very difficult for her to control her emotions.

I like your music and that's it.

My headache is completely gone.

Loukas is a carpenter.

Chris risks falling behind in the science class.

"That man is staring at you." "That man knows style when he sees it."

I don't like it when mathematicians who know much more than I do can't express themselves clearly.

The governor set the prisoners free.

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Both you and I must take care of the dog.

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I asked Rabin if we could meet.

A strange thing happened last night.

That won't help me.

Let Edwin do this.

At home, we speak Hungarian.

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She was encumbered with two heavy suitcases.

This is extremely important.

I didn't know you were a surgeon.

I wouldn't want to keep Johnny waiting.

Loukas got off the elevator and walked down the hall to his office.

I'm sure glad that's over with.

Two doctors were talking shop.

Don't you pass out on me.

I'm seeing Alastair this afternoon.

Pamela thought that she would never see her son again.

The rain lasted for three days.

Sit back and rest, and you will feel much better.

You have to help me reason with Noam.

My mother is dead too.

I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.

The dog is jumping.

Ralf has been detained by the police.

I see dead people.

Helping her was a mistake.

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Pull into shape after washing.

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I overheard your conversation with Roger.


I wish I had bought a ticket for the concert.


Great possessions cannot exist without injustice; a multitude of words cannot exist without a lie.

Tell them to help us.

Dawn is a childhood friend.

The light turned red.

Van said that he wanted me to help him wash his car.

Is there such a thing as an honest politician?

It changed my life.

I was absent from school because of illness.

Most people in my country is ignorant.

They didn't achieve their goal.

Can someone help me here?

I feel well today.

I think you've been very brave.


Drop your weapon or I'll shoot.


They both reacted.

When does your summer vacation end?

You can choose one of them.

Roxana gave us something in a small box.

The day when we arrived was a holiday.

Jin will never walk again.

'Cuz it's a giant pain in the arse, if I don't wanna do something I just won't do it.

My brother had his pocket picked in the train.

There's no other way out.

The telephone is broken.

Here's a list of everything you need to do.

Stewart was wounded by a bullet in the neck.

I've never seen Tharen in a bathing suit.

Lake Chad is continuing to shrink.

She wondered where Sam was and what he was doing.

Make it real.

I find her very impressive.

Tomorrow I am going shopping.

I am a Polish journalist.

The kitten was drinking milk under the table.

It was totally unexpected.

I had the artist paint my portrait.

I feel terrible about it.

The Scottish National Party has lost its overall majority in the Scottish Parliament.

Give me your phone number, just in case.


The whole population of New Zealand is 3,410,000, and one seventh of it are the Maori people.

Do you have an extra English dictionary by any chance?

There are too many codes to remember.

He urged his government not to sign it.

The plane will land before long.


In every man there lives a little boy.


Hazel never thought about the future.


Roy painted the fence white.

'Childhood friends' are scary.

Half of the melons were eaten.


She assumes an air of modesty.

Young people are prone to fall into temptation.

Yes, he has already written it.


I wish I hadn't punched Vladislav in the nose.

She's a fixture at all the high-society parties.

It was frustrating and confusing.

Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?

Ted kissed my cousin.

There have been many accessions to the party.

Tandy has been up since dawn.

In this sign you will conquer.

Do you know when he'll get back?

There's almost no milk left in the glass.

I rarely remember my dreams.

He failed in his business and now is a total wreck.

How many times do I have to say it?


Will she get well soon?

They are going off by plane tomorrow.

Do you still have that watch I gave you?

I expect to be back by 2:30.

It is doubtful whether he is telling the truth.


I don't see how they could've survived.

I thought we had a problem.

He told his diary that she had come to see him.

My neighborhood is threatened by poverty.

What are your reflections on this issue?

She helped a student.

I'm buying bread.


Gordon doesn't like us very much.


In my opinion, Hotta is innocent.


I saw Ronni outside your window, listening.